Creation of a Website at Web Tchad!

The development of a Web site, whether static or dynamic, public or private, is in several steps. These steps are all very important as each other. As a client of Web Chad, it is interesting to know at what stage is rendered the development of your website. Moreover, with Web Tchad you will know what is the next step, how long it will take and what will be done. For more details, do not hesitate to contact us. Our ambition is to revolutionize web technology in Chad.
Here are the main steps of development of a website at Web Tchad :

  • Organization of ideas
  • Development of specifications
  • Defining the file tree
  • Establishing the structure of HTML pages
  • Development of the graphic
  • Creating the Visual of the site
  • Choice of host and acquisition of a domain name
  • Construction website
  • Referencing of the site
  • Monitoring your site and launch of statistical tools
  • Testing and validation
  • Contact us

    Consulting Tchad The Consulting at Web Chad

    Consulting is an innovative method consisting in providing advice to companies and entrepreneurs wishing to effectively use the tools of information technology to increase their profitability.

    Why consulting ?

    In a world of booming economy where Chad would total an economic growth rate of 9.5% in 2014, according to some studies, the reasons for having recourse to an IT company specialized in consulting are multiple:
    • Acquisition advice and external and objective recommendations;
    • Outsourcing of IT;
    • Access to consultants who have experience in information technology.

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